NBAA: Aearo Technologies to showcase E-A-R acoustic demonstrator

Las Vegas
This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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Aearo Technologies, a 3M company is presenting the E-A-R acoustic demonstrator, developed by its E-A-R Thermal Acoustic Systems division.

The acoustic demonstrator simulates a range of sound signatures with varying frequency and the interior noise level of a business or VIP aircraft.

E-A-R Thermal Acoustic systems engineering manager David Gries said: "The dB level is an excellent engineering metric for understanding the sound pressure within an aircraft interior, but the sound quality of the interior is a better metric to understand how comfortable the cabin will be for the occupants."

Business director for E-A-R Thermal Acoustic, Brian Joyal added: "The demonstrator illustrates the difference between a 50 dBSIL(decibel speech interference level) aircraft and a 52 dBSIL aircraft."