NBAA: Airbus to extend runway overrun protection to corporate jets

This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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Airbus is set to extend its runway overrun protection system (ROPS) debuted on the A380 to its A320 family-derived corporate jet line.

Starting in 2012, ROPS will be available as an option for the the A318 Elite, ACJ and A320 Prestige aircraft, marking the first for a business aircraft.

The system evaluates the selected landing runway, the aircraft's approach speeds, altitude and runway conditions to determine whether or not the aircraft will be able to stop safely based on a projected touchdown spot.

Additionally, 2012 will also see the introduction of fuel saving sharklets as an option for the A320 commercial and prestige models, along with an electronic flight bag and the company's on-board airport nagivation system (OANS).

Further, Airbus expects to achieve record corporate aircraft deliveries in 2010, projecting 16 for the year, up from 14 in 2009. The airframer has accumulated more than 170 deliveries of its corporate jets to date.