NBAA: Astronics Empower gains USB compatibility

This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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As consumer electronics devices become ubiquitous in everyday life, aircraft passengers are deeply concerned over whether their batteries can last the duration of a flight.

Even the smallest business jet can stay airborne for several hours, far exceeding the life of a fully charged laptop battery.

Having an electrical outlet available onboard not only allows the uninterrupted use of passenger devices throughout the flight, but also provides the ability to charge batteries for post-travel use as well.

Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (booth 5077) charged itself with finding a solution and is offering its newest Empower product, which features the addition of USB power to charge Apple iPads and other tablet devices.

Based on the Empower 28VDC to 115VAC inverter, the system also boasts a dual outlet, allowing users to plug in devices and charge with AC power, USB power or both at the same time. If desired, the AC and USB outlets can be split and installed at separate locations.

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