NBAA: Bombardier Globals get Nexcelle treatment

Washington DC
This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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GE has selected Nexcelle to provide the nacelle and thrust reverser for Bombardier's newly announced Global 7000 and Global 8000 business jets. Combined with the GE's TechX engine, the Nexcelle components will operate as an integrated propulsion system (IPS) for the Bombardier's largest and fastest aircraft ultra-long-range aircraft. Nexcelle, a joint venture between GE's Middle River Aircraft Systems and Safran subsidiary, Aircelle, was selected by Comac in December 2009 to provide the nacelle and thrust reverser systems for the Comac C919 single-aisle airliner as part of an IPS with the aircraft's CFM Leap-X1C engines.

Drag and weight-reducing features of the nacelle for the GE TechX engine, a 16,500lb-thrust (73.4kN) turbofan for the new Globals, include a one-piece extended aluminium inlet lip-outer barrel; an anti-ice system that uses a directed flow nozzle concept; a 360-degree, single-piece extended composite inner barrel incorporating advanced acoustic protection for lower engine noise levels; a simplified composite fan cowl that allows for improved maintenance and reduces system weight; and a target style thrust reverser with fixed nozzle to provide lower weight and reverse thrust efficiency. Nexcelle is studying with GE the possibility of incorporating an electric thrust reverser system rather than hydraulic.