New 787 cockpit design unveiled

This story is sourced from Flight International
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Flight International online news 09:00GMT: Boeing has unveiled the initial cockpit design and instrument-panel layout for its new 787 twin-jet, confirming the inclusion of a duel head-up display and dual electronic flight-bags.

787 cockpit - big
                                                                                                                Source: Boeing                           

Features of the 787 cockpit include five large 30cm-by-23cm (12in-by-9in) liquid-crystal primary displays, supplied by Rockwell Collins, a pair of which will be mounted in front of both pilot positions. The fifth will be installed on the centre pedestal.

Boeing has also opted to retain a traditional yoke rather than move to the sidestick-type control favoured by Airbus.

The airframer says that the cockpit is designed to retain “significant operational similarity” with other models, particularly the Boeing 777, with which it shares the same flight-deck display formats, overhead system control layout, and other features.

According to Boeing general manager of the 787 programme Mike Bair, pilots will need only five days’ training to convert between the 777 and 787. He adds: “One of the ways we are making the 787 a more valuable asset…is by making more features standard. This way 787s can be more easily moved as needed between fleets.”