PARIS AIR SHOW: Israeli Bluebird fuell cell UAV completes development

Tel Aviv
This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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Israeli unmanned air vehicle manufacturer BlueBird has completed development of its fuel cell-powered Boomerang UAV, which will be on show here.

That will now be followed by the creation by 2010 of a fuel cell version of BlueBird's Skylite UAV for an endurance of 7h. BlueBird uses polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells to power its hydrogen fuelled UAVs. BlueBird says the Boomerang has a maximum take-off weight of 9kg (20lb) and can carry a 1kg payload. BlueBird president Ronen Nadir says the UAV has "an endurance of 9h" and is designed to operate at an altitude of 3,000ft (915m).

He adds that the fuel cells allow the Boomerang to reach 15.000ft. The company is looking for a payload that will fit the missions that Boomerang can accomplish while BlueBird may also develop one.