PARIS AIR SHOW: One small step for unmanned aircraft, one giant leap for the Paris air show

Washington DC
This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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As the Paris air show marks the dawn of its second century, Germany's Schiebel will perform the aerial display's first-ever flight by an unmanned aircraft.

The timing of the commercially branded Camcopter helicopter, which is designated the S-100 for military roles, has not yet been released.

But the Camcopter's performance at that moment will usher in a new era for the blossoming cadre of unmanned air systems populating - and previously confined - to the show's static display and exhibit halls.

The Camcopter has been operated in a number of countries, including initial customer the United Arab Emirates, since 2005.

Its 50kg (110lb) payload capability was first demonstrated as a humanitarian de-mining platform in the US Army in 1997, although it has since failed to enter the US military's inventory.

Scheibel has also adapted the S-100 for shipborne operations.