Partners in airspace

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Innovative operational unmanned air vehicle integration - or INOUI - is a project created by France, Germany and Spain to address an unfilled gap in European Union UAV project. The INOUI partners saw the issue of UAVs and their use in non-segregated airspace as being absent from the definition phase of SESAR (Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research) that will define European air transport system requirements up to 2020 and beyond. As such, INOUI aimed to reach conclusions and roadmaps that will support this SESAR work.

Co-ordinated by Frankfurt-based DSF Deutsche Flugsicherung, INOUI's partner organisations are the French aerospace agency ONERA, Rheinmetall defence electronics, Boeing Research and Technology Europe, Spain's Fundacion Instituto de Investigacion Innaxis and Ingenieria de Sistemas Para la Defensa de España (ISADEFE).