PIA seeks new bids to lease 12 narrowbodies

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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has called for two tenders seeking to lease up to 12 narrowbody aircraft after an earlier deal to lease Airbus A320s from BOC Aviation failed.

The airline has issued one tender seeking proposals for the lease of up to four narrowbody aircraft with 140 seats or more for a three-year term. According to the tender documents, the aircraft must be manufactured from 1996 onwards and it is seeking delivery out to December 2013.

The second tender is seeking for proposals to lease up to eight aircraft, also with 140 seats or more, for delivery during the first quarter of 2014. That tender is seeking aircraft manufactured in 2004 or later, with a six-year lease term.

Proposals for both tenders will close on 31 May.

Last year, PIA called a similar tender and selected a proposal from BOC Aviation to lease five A320s, but that deal failed on financial grounds and the aircraft were placed with other carriers.

In April, a PIA spokesman told Flightglobal Pro that it was still in talks with BOC to lease four other A320s that would be delivered from June this year. However, the same spokesman has confirmed that those talks have ended and the carrier is moving forward with the new tenders.

Flightglobal's Ascend Online database shows that PIA has three 737s in service, which were built in 1985 and 1986. It also has two more in storage, of which, one is likely to be scrapped after it suffered significant damage in a landing incident at Muscat in February.