PICTURE: Bosnia and Herzegovina receives first upgraded Mi-8

Source: Flightglobal.com
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Bosnia and Herzegovina's air force and air defence has received its first overhauled and modernised Mil Mi-8 MTV-1 transport helicopter. The aircraft was delivered to Rajlovac near Sarajevo after undergoing work at the Aviakon aviation repair plant in Konotop, Ukraine.

Under a contract signed with the Ukrspetsexport organisation, work will also be conducted on a second Mi-8 MTV-1. The aircraft will be adapted to NATO standards, receiving night vision goggle-compatible cockpits, weather radars and Mode S transponders. One Mi-17 VIP transport from Rajlovac and two older Mi-8Ts based at Zaluzani near Banja Luka will also be upgraded.

©  Antonio Prlenda
Mil Mi-8 MTV-1 transport helicopter