PICTURE: Colombia accepts 767 tanker from IAI

Tel Aviv
This story is sourced from Flight International
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Israel Aerospace Industries has delivered the Boeing 767 that it has converted as a tanker for the Colombian air force.

The aircraft was delivered to representatives of the Colombian government and air force during a 3 November ceremony at IAI's facilities at Ben-Gurion airport near Tel Aviv.

Carrying the registration FAC-1202, the cargo door-equipped aicraft was flown from the site the following day.

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In 2008 IAI won a contract to convert a secondhand 767-200ER which would serve as a tanker and VIP aircraft for the Colombian air force. The company purchased the used airliner and converted it with a hose and drogue refuelling system. It has dubbed the new configuration the multi-mission tanker/transport, and predicted further international sales.

The new asset will support Colombian-operated types such as the IAI Kfir.