PICTURE: Eurocopter clinches deal with India’s Aviators for seven HEMS EC135s

This story is sourced from Flight International
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Eurocopter has sold seven EC135 helicopters to Indian operator Aviators that will be deployed for emergency medical services missions (HEMS) after they enter service this year.

A second order for the light twin is expected to follow in the coming months, to satisfy the growing demand for HEMS services throughout the country, says Eurocopter.

Meanwhile, an EC135 owned by Bond Helicopters Europe has received European Aviation Safety Agency supplemental type certification for a night vision imaging system (NVIS) modification.



The approval "is a significant step towards the UK's first night air ambulance operations", says Bond, which is now seeking to secure operational approval from the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

"At present, no air ambulance service in the UK is able to operate HEMS flights at night. If there is a serious accident or medical emergency during the night, the emergency services must rely on land-based vehicles, which is not always ideal in remote areas or those areas without major hospital facilities," it continues.