PICTURE: FAA reports bird strike and loss of engine power on US Airways A320

Washington DC
Source: Flightglobal.com
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The US FAA has confirmed that a US Airways A320 that crashed landed in the Hudson River west of New York City on 15 January lost engine power after striking birds.

FAA’s preliminary report is the first official confirmation by regulators of widespread reports of a birdstrike.

The aircraft – N106US – was a ten-year old example powered by CFM International CFM-56 engines. The A320 had accumulated more than 24,000 flight hours and 15,800 cycles.

us airways wing large

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The first update by team from the US National Transportation Safety Board investigating the accident is scheduled for 4 pm EST today.

During a news conference today US Airways CEO Doug Parker declined to comment about the crash or the crew piloting the aircraft while the investigation is underway.

In an official statement Parker says the events unfolded in a matter of minutes, and “determining what happened will take much longer, and the NTSB is here to take the lead on this investigation. US Airways will do whatever we can to assist them".