PICTURE: Latch oversight led L-410 baggage door to open mid-flight

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Failure to latch a nose baggage door on a Manx2 Let L-410 turboprop resulted in its opening during flight, although it is unclear whether any baggage fell from the aircraft.

The right-hand door opened a few minutes after departure from Belfast City on 28 April as the L-410 was operating a service to the Isle of Man. Although the crew reduced speed, they chose to continue the flight because, despite damage to the door, the aircraft was stable and not vibrating.

manx2 l-410 with damaged baggage door

During the Isle of Man approach, the aircraft was given all left-hand turns. It landed safely but one piece of baggage was found to be missing. No debris was discovered on the runway. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch says the captain believed the bag "might have been mislaid" by ground-handlers at Belfast City.

It adds that there were no defects that would have prevented the door latching properly, but says the lock can appear properly closed from the outside. A modification is available to indicate an unlatched door, but the Manx2 aircraft had not been fitted.