Picture: Mooney introduces M20TN Acclaim high-performance piston upgrade of Bravo,

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Mooney has introduced the M20TN Acclaim high-performance piston, an upgrade of the Bravo, production of which was halted this year because of declining demand. With a cruise speed of at least 230kt (425km/h) at 25,000ft (7,600m), the Acclaim is the fastest Mooney yet and the company’s first new model in more than a decade.

Mooney Acclaim air-to-air W445

Two aircraft are already flying, one of which was unveiled at the Sun n Fun show in Lakeland, Florida last week. The Acclaim is powered by a 280hp (210kW) turbo-normalised Teledyne Continental TSIO-550G, its twin turbochargers and dual intercoolers maintaining power to altitude.

Externally, the Acclaim has a new cowling with larger inlets and sculpted wingtips that Mooney calls “mini-fins”. The aircraft is equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics and sells for $495,000 – about $20,000 more than the Bravo it replaces, says chief executive Gretchen Jahn. Certification and first deliveries are planned for the third quarter.

The four-seat Acclaim is 20% faster than the Bravo, and is expected to have a range of at least 2,990km (1,615nm) when fitted with optional long-range tanks. Mooney had orders from dealers for 15-20 aircraft before Sun n Fun and expected to sell out this year’s production by the end of the show.