PICTURE: Qantas puts business and premium economy seating on A380 upper deck

This story is sourced from Flight International
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Qantas has followed the example of Singapore Airlines for its Airbus A380 cabin-configuration plan, with first class on the main deck and business above, along with some economy seating.

The Australian flag carrier's seat plan for the 450-seat double-decker reveals that the main deck will contain 346 seats - 14 first-class suites and three economy cabins seating a total of 332 passengers. The upper deck has 104 seats - 72 business class (three cabins) and 32 premium economy at the back.

 © Qantas


Qantas has also followed the SIA philosophy on crew rest locations, with the flightdeck compartment behind the cockpit and - apparently - the cabin crew compartment below deck (as it does not feature in the seating plan).

Emirates, which has bucked the trend to mix up the cabins, has an all-premium upper deck and all-economy main deck. Its A380s feature a large crew rest compartment at the back of the main deck.


Qantas's 450-seat layout is the least dense so far revealed for the A380. SIA's A380s are equipped with a 471-seat, three-class layout, while Emirates' initial aircraft carry 489 passengers in a three-class configuration. Later Emirates aircraft will seat 517 passengers (three-class) and 604 passengers (two-class).