Pictures: After 4h flight, GP7200-powered Airbus A380 MSN009 lands at Toulouse

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Following a 4h maiden flight, the Engine Alliance GP7200-powered Airbus A380 test aircraft returned to a rainy Toulouse at 14:12.

Onlookers were told the aircraft (F-WWEA), which took off at 10:00 today performed a series of tests during the flight. Claude Lelaie senior vice president and head of Airbus’ flight division, confirmed at a press briefing immediately after the flight that the new aircraft handled as anticipated. “The aircraft once again handled as expected and the GP7200 engines performed very well. There are still many tests and optimisation ahead, but I expect the new Engine Alliance engines to be a success”, he says.

During the flight around south west France, the aircraft’s flight envelope, cruise speed and handling were tested.

Airbus released the following photographs of the aircraft, manufacturer's serial number 009, during its flight.

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