Pictures: Airbus A380 GP7200 test aircraft performs rejected take-off today ahead of Friday first flight

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The Engine Alliance GP7200-powered Airbus A380 test aircraft has performed a rejected take-off (RTO) today ahead of a first flight scheduled for Friday.

The aircraft (manufacturer's serial number 009, registration F-WWEA) was seen today at Airbus's facilities performing a series of  series of ground runs (pictured below) that later included a high speed accelerate / stop test. "We can confirm that MSN009 performed a rejected take-off today," says the manufacturer.

Airbus also confirmed that an advanced notice of first flight bulletin has been issued for MSN009, effectively giving 48h notice. "First flight is expected on Friday 25 August, in the morning," Airbus says.

MSN009, bearing the logos of customers to date on its nose, is expected to perform around 95% of the certification tests for the GP7200-powered version of the A380.

 Both images © Yannick Delamarre / French Frogs Aviation Pictures