Pictures and Video: Glider collides with Hawker 800XP on approach to Reno airport, forcing emergency gear-up landing

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A Californian television news channel has released footage and photographs of the Raytheon Hawker 800XP that collided with a glider mid-flight and made an emergency gears-up landing.

The business jet collided with the glider at an altitude of 16,000ft (4,850m) above Reno, Nevada at around 15:00 on Monday. NBS San Diego has video footage of the Hawker 800 after it made its emergency landing at Carson City,  Nevada, with its landing gear up at 15:18 (stills pictured below). The Hawker, with three passengers on board, was en route from Palomar airport near San Diego to Reno and collided with the glider on approach.

The glider pilot, 58-year-old Hirao Akihiro, had flown from Minden airfield, around 80km (50miles) south of Reno and parachuted following the collision. He was found unharmed just after 18:30 by tribal police in a remote part of the Washoe Native American reserve that straddles the two states.

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To view NBS San Diego's report of the collision between a glider and a Hawker 800XP above Reno, Nevada from teh new channel's site, click here.

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