Pictures: Boeing begins new round of 747-8 windtunnel testing in UK

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By Andrew Doyle in Farnborough
Boeing has begun a fresh series of low-speed aerodynamic validation tests of a scale model of its 747-8 Freighter using Qinetiq’s pressurised, 5m (16.4ft)-diameter windtunnel in Farnborough, UK.

boeing 747-8 windtunnel farnborough 03 

 The tests are being run to evaluate the aircraft’s performance in its take-off and landing configurations with flaps, slats and undercarriage deployed.
Our exclusive photographs (above and below) clearly show the double-slotted inboard and single-slotted outboard trailing edge devices adopted for the stretched, General Electric GEnx-powered 747-8, replacing the current 747’s triple-slotted configuration.
The 747-8F is 5.6m longer that the 747-400 and is scheduled to enter service in May 2009. The –8 Intercontinental passenger version will be only 3.6m longer than the –400 and go into service several months later.

boeing 747-8 windtunnel farnborough 05
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 boeing 747-8 windtunnel farnborough 01
 boeing 747-8 windtunnel farnborough 02
 boeing 747-8 windtunnel farnborough 04