PICTURES: Dassault Falcon 2000DX business jet wins European and US approval

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Dassault has clinched European and US approval for its Falcon 2000DX business jet two years after the large-cabin aircraft, a shorter-range derivative of the 2000EX, was introduced to replace the original Falcon 2000.

The first 2000DX is being completed at Dassault's Little Rock centre in Arkansas and is scheduled to enter service early next year.

The Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C-powered 2000DX has a range of 6,000km (3,250nm). The aircraft "will climb directly to 41,000ft [12,500m] in 17min and offer a low approach speed of 210km/h [112kt], which is ideal for short-field landings", says Dassault.

Operating costs are estimated to be 5% less than that of the Falcon 2000 and Dassault says the DX was developed for customers with less-extensive city-pair requirements.

"The Falcon 2000DX fills an important niche in the Falcon product line," says Dassault Falcon chief executive John Rosanvallon, "It's ideal for customers focused on efficiency and low cost of operation, but needing the size and performance of a large-cabin business jet."

The 2000DX can leave New York for Washington DC and continue to San Francisco without adding fuel. Similarly, the aircraft can leave London with four passengers, pick up four more in Paris and continue to Dubai without adding fuel, says the company.

The 2000DX is equipped with the Dassault EASy flight deck as standard.