PICTURES: Hungarian Gripen fighter aircraft make Kecskemet show debut

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The Hungarian air force's new Saab Gripen fighters were the star attractions at the nation's Kecskemet air show from 11-12 August, with the service's latest two examples having arrived on the eve of the biennial event, which attracted over 120,000 spectators.

 © Nemeth Szabolcs/Gripen International

The Saab Gripen was making its debut as a Hungarian-operated aircraft at the show this year, with the Kecskemet-based 59th Tactical Fighter Wing now having 11 of its eventual 14 aircraft in service.

 © Nemeth Szabolcs/Gripen International

Two single-seat Gripen Cs arrived at the site on 8 August after a flight of about 2h from Linköping in Sweden, with the air force expected to receive its three remaining examples before year-end.

Hungary now has nine Gripen Cs and two two-seat Gripen Ds in service, with the aircraft being operated under a lease/buy deal between the Hungarian defence ministry and Sweden's Defence Materiel Administration.

Images of other aircraft at the show - including visitors from the Croatian and Slovakian air forces - can be found in the Kecskemet gallery within Flight's AirSpace forum.

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