Poland disbands presidential air wing after scathing crash probe

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Poland's government is to disband the presidential air transport regiment which conducted the fatal Tupolev Tu-154 flight last year that killed the country's leader, Lech Kaczynski.

The regiment, 36 Specjalny Pulk Lotnictwa Transportowego, is being broken up following an internal Polish inquiry which heavily criticised the division's training, preparation and execution of the flight to Smolensk in April last year.

President Kaczynski, the head of the air force and various other senior military and political figures were on board the Tu-154 which attempted to land at Smolensk despite weather conditions being below minima. There were no survivors.

Poland's defence ministry confirmed the disbanding and added that three generals and 10 other officers responsible for aviation training in the air force would be dismissed, along with the country's secretary for defence.