Pratt offers geared fan engine for 777X concept

Washington DC
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Pratt & Whitney is responding to Boeing's 2011 request for proposals on its conceptual 777X with a planned geared application in the 90,0000-100,000lb (400-445kN) thrust class, the engine-maker says.

Citing in excess of 6,000h and 80,000 cycles on its fan drive gear system (FDGS), P&W says its testing has "validated our analytical prediction that this engine architecture would be suitable to thrusts up to 100,000 pounds".

As the engine-maker "looks ahead to powering future widebody applications" it plans to "scale the Geared Turbofan architecture to the required thrust levels".

P&W declined to elaborate on the specifics of its proposal, which will directly compete with GE's GE9X and Rolls-Royce RB3028 engines to power the 777-8X and -9X concepts, which target an end-of-decade service entry.

The Hartford, Connecticut-based engine-maker says the geared architecture would offer a "step-change" in fuel burn, emissions and noise at higher thrusts, while enabling a lighter and shorter engine with comparatively fewer parts.

Boeing says it is too soon to determine if it would offer more than one engine on the 777X, which the company hopes to formally launch at year's end.