Prices increase 4%

This story is sourced from Flight International
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Boeing published its 2006 price list last week, which includes several of the manufacturer’s new models for the first time, such as the 747-8, 777 Freighter and 787-9.

Boeing lists the 747-8’s price at $272.5-$282.5 million, which is 20% more than the $216-$247.5 million quoted for the 747-400/400ER. At $279.5-$283.5 million, the 747-8F’s price reflects a similar difference over the 747-400ER/ERF, which is priced at $219-$247 million.

Boeing quotes $232.5-$240 million for the 777F, while the 787-9’s $178.5-$188 million reflects a 20% premium over the standard 787-8.

The manufacturer says the prices have risen by an average of 4%.