Production-standard A380 mock-up revealed

This story is sourced from Flight International
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Airbus unveiled the first dimensionally-accurate A380 cabin mock-up at Aircraft Interiors in Hamburg last week. The mobile double-deck fuselage cross-section model will be exhibited at major air shows over the next year while the manufacturer's full-length A380 cabin mock-up in Toulouse is refurbished to reflect the production-standard dimensions.

"This is our first opportunity to show to the customers the cabin lining as finally defined," says A380 senior marketing analyst Corrin Higgs. The mock-up features a 10-abreast main deck economy section – minus centre overhead bins – and six-abreast business class on the upper deck.

Included as standard options are a choice between "cool" and "warm" colour shades and two patterns for the cabin lining – though customisation is possible for additional cost – and fixed or articulated overhead luggage bins.

A "small majority" of airlines are installing first and business class on the upper deck, with the rest opting to locate first on the main deck and a mix of business and economy upstairs, says Higgs.