Raisbeck and Hartzell develop new swept turbofan propeller

This story is sourced from Flight International
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Raisbeck Engineering and Hartzell Propeller have developed a new swept turbofan propeller for the twin-engined Hawker Beechcraft King Air 200 family following three years of development. Deliveries of the new propeller are scheduled to begin on 1 March.

"The overall performance improvements relative to both the OEM three-blade and four-blade Hartzell propellers are large, and result in greatly improved take-off, climb and landing capabilities," says James Raisbeck, chief executive of Seattle-based Raisbeck.

"The 96in [2.5m] diameter of the new propeller is 3in greater than that of the OEM prop installed on the B200 and B250, yet perceived sound levels are reduced slightly as a result of the blade sweep," he adds.

In development for three years, the new propellers, which feature an aluminium hub and blades, cost $83,400 per set.