ROUTES: Bombardier discusses CSeries performance with show delegates

Las Vegas
This story is sourced from Airline Business
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Bombardier is exhibiting again at World Routes and making a big play of the recent maiden flight of its new CSeries twinjet.

“The event’s timing this year is very good because we had our first flight on 16 September,” says Hélène Gagnon, Bombardier vice president public affairs, communications and corporate social responsibility. “We’ve had two additional flights since then and testing is going really well.”

Gagnon adds that with the aircraft now in flight test, there has been significant interest from airport and airline delegates. “People have more questions this year, for example about short runway performance,” she says.

And exhibiting at Routes provides Bombardier a different audience to traditional air show venues: “Here we have the network planners, who typically work ahead of fleet planners,” Gagnon says.