Ryanair crew tried go-around to avoid Ciampino bird-strike

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More detail has emerged about the situation faced by a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 crew following a multiple bird-strike on short final approach to Rome Ciampino Airport last month.

Sources close to the investigation state that, when the crew sighted a huge flock of starlings ahead, they initiated a go-around, but the birds rose into the flight path and the aircraft suffered a considerable loss of power on both engines.

The crew were flying the aircraft manually when, passing about 200ft, the starlings - an estimated 1,000 of them - "engulfed" the aircraft. The fan speed of the engines dropped from its normal approach setting of about 65% to 40%, and moving the power levers produced no result.

Within 30s of the pilots' first sighting the birds, the aircraft had made a hard landing and come to a halt on the runway.

The aircraft had been approaching Ciampino on 10 November following a flight from Frankfurt Hahn.

Ryanair congratulated the pilots and cabin crew of the aircraft in a 10 December ceremony at Hahn, citing the "composure and skill" of the crew in handling the emergency.