SIA's A380 fleet size surpasses 747-400 with latest delivery

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The Airbus A380 passed a key milestone at Singapore Airlines with the delivery of its tenth aircraft earlier this month. The size its super-jumbo fleet now surpasses that of its Boeing 747-400 passenger aircraft.

The Singaporean flag carrier has long been synonymous with Boeing's Jumbo, having first introduced the type in 1972 and having taken delivery of a total of 75 new-build passenger models, along with 18 freighters. SIA has a further nine Rolls-Royce Trent 900-powered A380s on order, for delivery through to January 2012, following its recent deferrals.

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This aircraft is Singapore Airlines' first A380

The airline is gradually phasing out its 747-400 passenger aircraft, with the remaining nine aircraft due to leave the fleet by the end of its 2010/11 fiscal year.