SINGAPORE 2010: Asian joint venture formed to market, build Israeli UAVs

Washington DC
This story is sourced from Flight International
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Singapore-based Stratech Systems has announced launching a joint venture with Aeronautics Ltd to market the Israeli firm's unmanned systems in the Asia-Pacific market and develop new surveillance technologies to sell globally.

The Stratech Aeronautics Pte. Ltd joint venture was unveiled on 2 February during a ceremony at the Singapore Airshow, but the terms of the deal remain under negotiation, says David K.M. Chew, executive chairman of Stratech.

Chew also declined to comment on the percentage of each firm's ownership stake in the new joint venture.

The partnership provides a strong base for introducing Aeronautics' various unmanned air and surface vehicles in the Asia-Pacific market. The joint venture will both market and build Aeronautics' products for delivery to future Asian customers.

Meanwhile, Stratech will seek to integrate its imaging and processing systems into Aeronautics' vehicles, with the combined package to be offered to UAV buyers globally. Stratech's iFerret system, for example, can be integrated with a UAV system to provide advanced battle damage assessment, Chew says.