SINGAPORE 2010: Eurcocopter interested in Korea's KAH

This story is sourced from Flight International
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Eurocopter is interested to be involved in South Korea’s newly announced Korea Attack Helicopter (KAH) programme.

“We already have a partnership with Korea on the utility helicopter and beyond that we are interested to be involved in the KAH,” Eurocopter chief executive Lutz Bertling says at the Singapore Airshow.

The cooperation with Korea Aerospace Industries on the Korea Utility Helicopter (KUH) has worked out well, says Bertling, who quips that if you have a strong partnership, why change it. A prototype of the KUH - also named the Surion - was rolled out at KAI's Sacheon production site last July (below).

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Seoul's Defence Acquisition Programme Administration announced in late January that it is launching a study into a light attack helicopter design, with a view to having the type built in 2018. It will conduct similar work into a possible indigenous fighter dubbed the KFX.