Skytech is marketing an AtlasJet Boeing 757

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Skytech-AIC is marketing a 2000-vintage Boeing 757-200, currently operated by Turkish airline AtlasJet, a source close to the situation said.

The aircraft (MSN 29307) has recently been acquired with its remaining lease attached, by UK special purpose company (SPC) Hagondale Ltd.

Hagondale has mandated Skytech to find a buyer for the 757 when it comes off lease at the end of February next year, the source noted. Flightglobals' Ascend Online Values attributes a half-life base value of $16.25 million to the aircraft. It was initially operated by Iberia through a five-year operating lease from BBAM, which then signed another five-year operating lease agreement with Atlas Jet in 2005.

Skytech, which sold an older 757 to DHL for freight conversion on behalf of Air Greenland earlier in the year, has been marketing this latest 757 aircraft for a little over a week.