Stretch version of Superjet 100 more likely than smaller version: Logli

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A decision on whether to produce a larger or smaller version of the Superjet 100 will be made by the time of the Paris air show in June, but Superjet manufacturer Sukhoi is leaning more towards a stretch version.

Speaking to ATI at Superjet International's Venice headquarters today, Superjet International chief executive Carlo Logli said Sukhoi was "passing through a review of the product family" but is "more interested in a stretch version than a shrunk version". The stretch version would have between 100 and 130 seats.

"We would prefer to go up rather than down [in size] but the market will tell us," says Logli. "By Paris we will make it clear to everyone."

Sukhoi will manufacture between 40 and 50 Superjets a year "within two to three years", says Sukhoi Holdings general director Mikhail Pogosyan.

The Russian manufacturer has 10 aircraft in production at the moment and plans to produce 14 Superjets in 2011.

Pogosyan says that in the coming two to three years the production rate will increase to between 40 and 50 aircraft, rising to 60 to 70 aircraft once other members of the family are launched.