Sudanese crash destroys second Juba An-12 in seven months

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Sudanese freight carrier Juba Air Cargo has lost a second Antonov An-12 in a fatal accident, just seven months after its sister ship was destroyed at Khartoum.

The An-12, tentatively identified as being registered ST-ARN, had been en route from Khartoum to Juba but came down about 15nm north of the city of Malakal, which lies 360nm south of the capital.

Seven of the eight occupants on board the aircraft were killed in the accident, says the Sudanese governmental news agency.

It says that air traffic controllers lost contact with the aircraft about 1h 10min after departure, apparently while the An-12 was in the vicinity of thunderstorms.

Juba Air Cargo was the operator of an An-12 which crashed on 8 November last year while attempting to return to Khartoum following an engine problem after take-off.

Khartoum was the scene of another fatal accident just two weeks ago when a Sudan Airways Airbus A310 overran the runway upon landing on 10 June, killing 30 of the 214 passengers and crew on board.