Sukhoi aims at full-price Superjet sales by 2018

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Sukhoi intends to cease offering price discounts for its Superjet 100 twinjets ahead of the type reaching production maturity in 2018.

In a freshly released annual financial report, the airframer’s parent United Aircraft forecasts that Sukhoi will build 44 Superjets this year, up from the previously planned 40.

In 2016, annual output at its civil division should reach 62, down from the previous forecast of 70.

“Market demand is expected to remain steady at the same level,” says United Aircraft. “The Superjet production programme should then come to maturity by 2022.

“We’re also able to expect gradual lowering in discounts for these aircraft starting in 2016 and suggest their sale at full price after 2018.

“If current price concessions are left in place, resulting revenue losses would amount to Rb28.14 billion [$790 million].”

Catalogue price for the Superjet’s baseline variant is $35.4 million, and for its long-range version the figure is $36.2 million.

In 2013, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft disclosed that the Superjets it had delivered to launch customer Aeroflot were priced at Rb616 million ($18.6 million).