Testing of MD-80 fuel saving thrust reverser gets underway

Washington DC
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Dugan Kinetics plans to test a modified Pratt & Whitney JT8D thrust reverser that could both reduce noise and cut fuel burn per flight 6%-12% on MD-80 aircraft.

Testing is scheduled 9-12 December at the Tucson International Airport.

Dugan has previously explained to ATI that a new stow position was developed for the thrust reverser where the reverser doors are used as an ejector during flight. The new position allows for an increase in thrust with no additional weight or fuel consumption.

The EP-80 Ejector/TR surrounds the engine exhaust nozzle to suck the ambient air flow into its chamber causing the accelerated flow to mix with the engine's higher velocity exhaust flow. This mixing also reduces noise.

Some testing has already been done on Boeing 727s and MD-80s.

Included on the invited list of observers for the event are American Airlines, Delta and Allegiant.