Thai Airways sends Airbus RFP

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Thai Airways International has approached the banking market with a request for proposals, covering up to three Airbus widebody aircraft scheduled for delivery next year, banking sources say.

The carrier will receive one Airbus A380 and one A330-300 aircraft in January 2013. Another A330-300 is scheduled for April.

According to the terms of the RFP, one to two A330-300 are considered in the proposal.

Thai is seeking European export credit agency (ECA)-guaranteed financing for the A380. On the A330, Thai is looking for commercial debt loan facilities proposals with an option for European ECA-guaranteed financing, according to sources.

Bids have to be sent by 3 September.

The carrier approached the market with a similar proposal last year covering its 2012 financing requirements.

In April, Thai mandated a consortium of banks including Natixis Transport Finance, Citibank and Bayerische Landesbank to finance two A380 aircraft equipped with Rolls Royce's Trent 970-84 engines. The banks will co-arrange an European ECA supported financing by the ECGD on the carrier's November and December deliveries. The French bank will provide euro-denominated financing on the December delivery, while Citibank's facility is denominated in Japanese yen covers the November delivery. Bayerische Landesbank is senior lender.

BNP Paribas, along with Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank will arrange an ECA-supported loan facility denominated in Japanese yen on Thai's first A380 delivery scheduled in September.