Treitel joins Apollo as MD

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David Treitel, formerly president and chief executive officer of SH&E, has been named managing director of Apollo Aviation Group. He is responsible for capital market activities, overseeing strategic planning and assisting in originating transactions.

Treitel has been a member of the Apollo board of directors since August, 2009. He retired from SH&E in March. During his career at SH&E, Treitel built the company to become the world's largest aviation consultancy. Much of his work has been in connection with large-scale financial market activities, including airline mergers, acquisitions and financings.

SH&E was acquired by ICF International in December 2007. Treitel continued to head SH&E and also served as co-chairman of the energy, climate and transportation practice following the merger.

Apollo has more than $500 million under management today and has acquired more than $700 million of aviation assets since its founding, more recently through a proprietary investment fund which was launched in January 2010. It is partially owned by Sciens International Investments & Holdings, a public company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Sciens International specializes in alternative asset management, investing in and managing alternative assets.