Tyre burst preceded Delta 767 problems at Madrid

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Spanish investigators have disclosed that a tyre on a Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300ER burst during take-off before the jet returned to Madrid with hydraulic problems and rolled off a taxiway.

The aircraft, transporting 192 passengers and 11 crew, had departed runway 36L for New York JFK on 5 December.

Spanish investigation authority CIAIAC says a tyre on the right-hand main gear burst, throwing pieces into the underside of the wing.

During the subsequent climb a fault in the hydraulic system was detected, it adds, and retraction of the landing-gear was “impossible”. The crew declared an emergency and returned to land on runway 32L some 23min after departure.

After landing, the aircraft vacated the runway via a rapid-exit taxiway but came to a halt in a grassy area between the end of 32L and the T4 terminal. There was no fire and no injuries among the 767’s occupants.

All eight main-gear tyres deflated during the incident, and the aircraft (N182DN) suffered damage to the right wing – internally and externally – as well as hydraulic system damage. The Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines were also affected by ingestion of debris as the aircraft left the taxiway.