UK CAA recommends tighter hard-landing monitoring

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UK regulators are formally recommending that operators analyse landing data by individual runway and set thresholds for action to reduce the risk of hard touchdowns.

The recommendation, issued in Civil Aviation Authority safety notice on 4 September, follows an investigation into damage to a Thomson Airways Boeing 767-300 at Bristol.

Historic flight-monitoring data revealed that the operator had experienced an unusually high rate of hard landings on Bristol's runway 09, but this was not identified because the carrier did not single out these occurrences.

"In addition to this it was discovered that the operator had not set a threshold limit, above which action should be taken, for the rate of hard landings," the CAA notice states.

Runway-specific monitoring will ensure adverse trends are "more readily identifiable", it adds. Operators should also set "trigger levels" for taking action to reduce the number of heavy landings or avoid abnormally frequent firm touchdowns.

"This should be accomplished in conjunction with aircraft manufacturers and take into consideration both airworthiness and operational perspectives," the CAA says.