Ukraine International seeks to start US flights

Washington DC
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Ukraine International Airlines has requested permission from US regulators to fly to the USA two weeks after the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) upgraded Ukraine’s safety rating.

In an 3 October filing with the Department of Transportation, Ukraine International applied for a permit to conduct scheduled and charter flights from Ukraine to US destinations using Boeing 767-300 aircraft.

The airline intends to begin the service no later than spring 2014, according to the filing.

On 20 September, the FAA, announced it upgraded Ukraine to a category 1 safety rating following a July review by the agency of the country’s civil aviation authority.

The upgrade certifies that Ukraine meets international safety standards and allowed Ukraine carriers to begin flights to the US and to codeshare with US carriers.

Flightglobal's online database shows there are no direct routes now between the USA and Kiev, Ukraine's capitol city.