UPS certificates ADS-B navigational system for Boeing 757

Washington DC
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UPS Aviation Technologies has obtained FAA certification for its automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) system on the Boeing 757-200.

The 757 is the second commercial jet type to win approval for installation and operation of the ADS-B satellite-based navigation and situational awareness system.

The first aircraft was the Boeing 727-100, for which UPS Aviation Technologies won ADS-B supplemental type certificate (STC) approval last fall.

Sister company UPS Airlines then installed ADS-B systems on all its 727-100s. It can now be expected to install ADS-B equipment in all of its 757 Boeing 757s following the latest STC award.

UPS Aviation Technologies has launched efforts to certificate ADS-B installation and operation in the other commercial jet types that UPS Airlines operates – the Airbus A300-600F, the Boeing 747-100 and –200 freighter, the Boeing 767-300F and the McDonnell Douglas DC-8-70 series freighter.

The company’s ADS-B system contains both the Mode S 1090 MHz datalink and the Universal Access Transceiver datalink developed by US government research institution Mitre Corporation. The system allows the operator to use the two datalinks independently or in tandem.