US Airways not rushing for a Dash 8 replacement

Washington DC
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US Airways believes it does not need to make a decision on replacing the Bombardier Dash 8 turboprops flown by its wholly-owned subsidiary Piedmont Airlines in the near term.

Flightglobal's ACAS database shows that Piedmont flies a total of 44 Dash 8 aircraft - 33 of the 37-seat Q100 model and 11 of the 50-seat Q300s. The oldest Q300 was built in 1985 and the oldest Q100 has a 1990 build date.

During a recent interview with FlightglobalPro US Airways CEO Doug Parker said the Dash 8s "have a good bit of life left in them", noting the turboprops operate on missions not suited to other aircraft.

Bombardier in 2009 introduced a Dash 8 Q100 life extension programme that could increase the aircraft's life by 50%.

Parker said replacing the aircraft is not a decision he needs to make at the moment as no imminent reason exists to phase out the Dash 8s, adding the airline may need to take a decision during the next few years.

He did admit at some point the aircraft will arrive at a point where they are not efficient to keep operating, but Parker said, "We're not at that point yet".