US carriers sue FAA over crew rest regulations

Washington DC
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American Airlines has confirmed it has joined six other US carriers in filing a lawsuit in opposition to FAA crew rest regulations.

Other parties involved in the litigation are Atlas Air, Continental Airlines, Evergreen International Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines and US Airways.

In a statement supplied to ATI American says it and the group "believe that the FAA should follow the accepted and required process of providing public notice and inviting comment to the industry and public. We believe that the normal rulemaking process as provided for by federal statute, the Administrative Procedures Act, provides the best process for making rules for carriers".

American and other carriers argue that in seeking comment FAA will receive comments from all interested parties including experts in fatigue and rest, manufacturers, unions representing crewmembers and carriers themselves.

"We believe that the safest rules come from that process because the FAA itself becomes more knowledgeable and better educated through the comment period," American explains.