Used turboprop aircraft transactions: 16-23 September 2013

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NAC purchases ATR 42s from Avanti Air

Operating lessor Nordic Aviation Capital has acquired a pair of ATR 42-500s from German carrier Avanti Air.

The 1999-vintage aircraft (MSNs 602 and 603) are powered by PW127E engines.

Both aircraft were last operated by Polish regional carrier EuroLot under a sublease agreement with Avanti Air, Fightglobal’s Ascend Online shows.

Dragonite acquired a Saab 2000 (016) aircraft with AE2001-A engines from Rockton Aviation. The 1995-vintage aircraft was previously operated by OLT Express. The aircraft will be operated by Darwin Airline.

Hawaiian leased two ATR 42-500 (623, 625) aircraft with PW127E engines from Airline Contract Maintenance and Equipment. The 2004-vintage aircraft were previously operated by CSA Czech Airlines.