Versatile Pilatus Porter still has a multirole to play

This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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Is it a passenger aircraft, is it a freighter, is it a medevac, is it a recreational aircraft, or is it a surveillance aircraft? If the question is directed at the venerable Pilatus PC-6 Porter, then the answer is yes in every case.

With 46 years of operation in the most remote locations under its belt, the Porter still has a bright future, says Fred Muggli, who is in charge of sales and marketing for the company's business turboprop PC-12. The two aircraft are both on static display.


Muggli knows the Porter well from eight years in Africa promoting its capabilities.

He says: "It's short take-off and landing characteristics are exceptional and it has a fractional operating costs compared with a rotary wing aircraft. Its access to remote areas, even as extreme as glaciers and deserts, give it a major advantage in mission roles."

With more than 400 aircraft delivered, Pilatus is committed to minimum production runs of five aircraft, ideally fleet customers making a block purchase to support a production run.