VIDEO: Aftermath of One-Two-Go Boeing MD-82 crash landing at Phuket airport

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This new video has come to light amid reports suggesting that poor weather conditions affected the crash landing of the One-Two-Go Boeing MD-82 at Phuket airport on 16 September.

Flight's own operations and safety editor, David Learmount, says that it was raining hard and vigourous cloud hovered close to Phuket's airport which may mean that the wind changed suddenly influencing the aircraft's airspeed.

He said that the pilot was unhappy with the approach profile and attempted a go-around but he failed to keep the aircraft airborne, possibly because of sudden windshear which may have made the aircraft unflyable.

The aircraft ran off the runway, broke apart and burst into flames, killing 89 people onboard.

ADVISORY WARNING: The video shows the terrible weather conditions, smoke billowing out of the aircraft and stunned survivors walking away from the crash. Some people may find the footage distressing.