Video: Airbus releases video footage of amazing four-A380 formation flight over Toulouse

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Airbus has released a video clip of the four A380 test aircraft flying together in formation over Toulouse this week.

Manufacturer's serial numbers 001, 002, 004 and 009 all taxied together just before 10:00 on 30 August before carrying out simultaneous test flights culminating in a formation fly-past at around 11:00 of the Aéroconstellation facility in Toulouse.

Last week marked the traditional end of the month-long summer vaction period for French workers that many Airbus employees missed due to pressure to meet certifcation targets for the ultralarge airliner. The flypast was also a defiant gesture to prove the programme is on track (albeit revised).

The video shows the Engine Alliance GP7200-powered MSN009 A380 leading three Rolls-Royce Trent 900-powered aircraft in an amazing formation flight of four A380 test aircraft.

The video should open in the bowser window below, however, please click this link to open the video direct from Airbus's home page if it fails to load.