Video: American Airlines Boeing MD-80 lands without nosegear at Chicago O'Hare

This story is sourced from Flight International
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An American Airlines Boeing MD-80 this morning conducted an emergency landing at Chicago O’Hare without incident after its nose landing-gear failed to lower.

CBS TV in Chicago captured the whole incident on video from a helicopter.

No injuries are being reported among the five crew and 131 passengers onboard flight 1740 from Los Angeles, and American is detailing only minor damage to the aircraft.

The nosegear’s failure was first reported by the pilot about 06:15 as the aircraft prepared for its scheduled approach to O’Hare. The airport’s tower also confirmed this after a flyby.

American’s pilot landed the aircraft with little incident about 06:30, and video of the incident shows only a few sparks from the aircraft’s nose as the aircraft came to rest on runway 14R. The passengers and crew deplaned using the aircraft’s rear exit stairs.

“The pilots and crew followed American Airlines emergency procedures and executed a flawless landing without use of the nosegear,” the carrier says in a statement.

American says there appears to be no damage to the runway.